Monday, October 20, 2008

Calvita revisited

Due to technical difficulties, the uploading of new faces will be postponed...

In the meantime, I had a good time on the PDX Open Studios Tour, part 2. I chose not to visit a whole lot of studios - mostly just the ones that Deirdra had recommended with a star on my map. What a great selection! The artwork was tremendously varied, from the beautifully rendered still lifes of very contemporary subjects (slab of beef, anyone?) by Scott Conary, to the wild mixed media word and image works of Chris Haberman, I saw a little bit of it all. As much as I enjoyed the artwork, I loved seeing the studios and chatting with the artists just as much. Very friendly and encouraging people. Seeing their work spaces gives me ideas for what I can do with mine now, and dreams for what I might want as a studio in the future. Talking with them, and hearing them speak to me as if I were a peer, helps me to accept myself or take myself seriously as someone who is working on her art. I still have a hard time calling myself an artist (except when speaking to a group of second graders), but I am getting closer to seeing myself that way. It was a great artist's date - very nourishing!

Ok, technical difficulties have been overcome. It turns out you have to close the scanner window to get your images to appear in the scanner file folder!

So here are a few faces for now - more tomorrow if time allows. This is a return to Calvita, the pencil drawing of a woman with no hair. She's gone through some transformations. First, artist crayons over the pencil drawing.
Next, the crayons were blended with titanium white acrylic.

I photocopied the crayon and paint version, then repainted just using the dark mixture that Misty showed us, and white. I was trying to get a similar effect to what I did on the face that I used on my canvas collage - a more subtly colored face in the tradition of the old masters (not that my rendering is anything like an old master's!). It didn't quite reach my goal, but it's pretty good progress.
I also photocopied onto my inkjet printer so that I could try another photo transfer. The transfer part worked pretty well, even if the painted part has a long way to go. It's nice to work with the photo copies and try different ways of painting the same drawing. I think I'd like to do this kind of exercise again.


Deirdra Doan said...

Linda you are making such great works of ART!!! Yes ART....experimenting pushing your

Being around other artist's and people who call them self artists who have been doing art even a short time is so encouraging. The reality is you are doing art, you are extremely creative, you love it, it is in you.

Artist is not an earned title it is a are an Artist, and a wonderful one!!!! School ruined your vision of your self as artist with stupid intellectual dribble....Art and Soul is a blessing to realize that ART is FUN!!! and we are artists because we love it and do it. And truth be told it is one of your Napoleon Dynamite would say!!!

Artist: a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination

Your faces are so sensitive. And they take me to places in my heart, inspiring my imagination by your dear imaginations.......

I think this fits you Linda Moon Wood ARTIST!!! Lulu Moon painting star fairies.

Tina C said...

hey there mujer...

wow - you are getting so good at faces - I am impressed. And your 2nd grade faces - rock. Wow. what artist you are helping to create. Good for You. I am doing a holiday craft show in Claremont - it's the Village Venture and is huge during the fall - like 200 artist and crafters...should be fun...will show pictures and I have some new faces going up. Left my camera at my dads so am waiting for it to arrive in the mail so I can take some pictures. Hugs to you - and I am really enjoying keeping in touch -

Keep up the fantastic art...thanks for sharing.