Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go see this!

To friends and family who may wonder, "What's all this Art & Soul stuff all about?" Misty Mawn, my teacher extraordinaire, has posted a video where you can see what it's all about. Check out her blog and go to "Landing~Art & Soul pt. 1, a music video," her post from Oct. 7th. Enjoy the rest of her incredible creativity while you're at it.

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this is life.... said...

awww. thank you so much LK. you are so kind!
the video came together so easily with all those shining, beautiful faces...i loved creating it and having it to remind me of the wonderful few days spend with such lovely people!
i am so sorry to hear about your experience on the morning of class....oh no. i am so happy you made it there and you didn't miss much at all.. ;-)
looking forward to seeing more and more of your art!
thank you so much for taking class with me.
best to you!